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A Blurb From Anne Ursu! | Corey Ann Haydu

A Blurb From Anne Ursu!

I was thrilled to receive a blurb from Anne Ursu, who is an author-hero of mine. Her novels are arresting, unique, wondrous things. BREADCRUMBS is a particular favorite of mine– a book filled with magic and sorrow and big questions and great love. I consider her books to be required middle grade reading, so her blurbing RULES FOR STEALING STARS means a lot to me. If you haven’t read an Ursu novel, it should be a priority.

And now– here it is:


“A gorgeous, profound, deeply felt book that lovingly explores intricate sibling relationships, the crushing weight of family secrets, and the delicate magic of hope. RULES FOR STEALING STARS is sublime.” –Anne Ursu, author of Breadcrumbs and The Real Boy

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