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A Blurb From Newbery Award Winning Author Katherine Applegate | Corey Ann Haydu

A Blurb From Newbery Award Winning Author Katherine Applegate

To say I’m honored to have a blurb from Katherine Applegate is an enormous understatement. THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN is a stunning book, truly deserving of the incredible response and unbelievable awards it received. I sat on my couch reading THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN and wept the entire time. It was a rare experience, spending time in Ivan’s world. I can’t recommend the book highly enough.


Closing out my week of blurb reveals, I want to thank all the authors who read and supported RULES FOR STEALING STARS with their amazing words. I’m blown away and so excited. With all that said– here’s the blurb from Katherine Applegate!!!


“Tender, wise, and heartbreakingly lovely, this story is as brilliant as a stolen star, and every bit as magical. Prepare to be enchanted.”

–Katherine Applegate, Newbery-award winning author of The One and Only Ivan

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