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Blurb from Leslie Connor! | Corey Ann Haydu

Blurb from Leslie Connor!

I’m so excited to spend this week sharing the three amazing blurbs RULES FOR STEALING STARS has received. Here’s the first one, from one of my very favorite authors. If you haven’t read Leslie Connor’s WAITING FOR NORMAL you should read it immediately! It’s absolutely gorgeous and was a huge influence on me. I’m so pleased Leslie agreed to read and blurb my middle grade debut!


“Silly and her sisters are flesh-and-bone characters; they gripped me by my very heart and pulled me into their tense and mysterious family story. With beguiling moments of magical realism and engaging turns of phrase, Corey Ann Haydu has crafted a glowing middle grade debut.”

–Leslie Connor, Award-wining author of Waiting for Normal and Crunch

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